June 2017

Youth Rally

On Friday the 19th of May we played host to the most recent youth rally conducted by the area ARP churches. While graduations cut down on attendance, there was a very lively group that made the most of the opportunity to combine Bible study with food and fun. In an effort to reach out to other Reformed believers (the last rally was conducted at the Covington EPC church), youth from All Saints EPC church joined with us. Many thanks to Corinne and Tiffany for their help in running the show, and to Shane for assisting Kent with the music.

From Church Militant to Church Triumphant

Within the space of a month we have had to say goodbye to two very dear members of out church family; Ralph McDaniel on the 1st of May, and Bettye Lackey on the 14th. In addition, Peggy Grotewiel entered into her rest on April 6th.

Reaching Out to Muslims

I have been approached by a member of the church who has had numerous encounters with Muslims, and wants to learn more about how to relate to them. I am not sure how to best to accomplish this, but we have two video resources that are designed to do this. One is titled "Journey to Jesus: Building Christ-centered Friendships with Muslims," and the other, "Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims." If there is sufficient interest, we will do one or the other of these. One possible setting would be on Wednesday evening, since we have cancelled our Mid-week activities for the summer months.

Summer Events

Summer is upon us, ready or not - with a calendar that is full to over-flowing with a number of events that are important for the life of our church. Let's hit the highlights. Three of them will take place this month (June).

#1 The meeting of General Synod in North Carolina will be attended by the pastor the first full week in June.

#2 Back Yard Bible Club - The week immediately following Synod, to be conducted at the Donahue's, is a simplified VBS that takes place in a home setting.

#3 Vacation Bible School - The week of June 26-30, will take place right here at the church.

There are two very important events scheduled for July.

#1 The first is MVP Camp - the week of July 10-14 at French Camp. The theme will be "Walking in the Truth," and we hope to be represented by a number of kids whose expenses are being offset by fund-raisers conducted over the past couple of months.

#2 The second is an activity that has been discussed on several occasions, but has to date not materialized. On Saturday, July 22, we will finally conduct our "Religion in a Post-9/11 WOrld" seminar. In terms of outreach, this a very important event, and will require involvement from all our members.

As we reported last month, the objective is to provide Biblical reflection on some of the most pressing issues facing us in the second decade of the 21s century, and in so doing, to present Jesus christ as being not only unique, but provacative and compelling, the only mediator between God and man, and His kingdom as advancing irresistibly and victoriously - but in a tone that is gracious and inviting to others. The intended audience is, first, our church family, but also others from within the larger Christian community, as well as unbelievers that are at a loss for understanding the changes that are occurring all auround us. The half-day seminar will include four sessions and will be led by Pastor Donahue and Chris Neiswonger. In addition to promoting it (and we are counting on YOU to go out of your way to invite others), the 'to do' list includes providing refreshments, arrangement for a meal (a light lunch), greeters, security, setting up sound, etc., and just being there. Please, please, be in prayer for this, and make it a priority in your plans for the month of July.

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