Our History

The Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church was formed when the Westminster and St. Paul ARP churches merged. Westminster, formerly known simply as the Memphis ARP church, was formed in 1935 with 43 charter members. They were located in midtown Memphis, settling into a new sanctuary in 1939.


In the late 1960s a daughter church was planted in the Raleigh-Bartlett area, and would come to be called the St. Paul Presbyterian church. The core group began meeting in 1968, and was officially organized as a congregation in December of 1973. At that time five acres were purchased and a temporary building was erected at the current location. The first service conducted in the current building was on May 19, 1974.


The two congregations served independently for over twenty years until 1997 when, through a variety of circumstances, the Lord led them to reunite as one fellowship. The merger took place on June 1, 1997. Because of the manner in which the Lord worked to bring them together, it was felt that it was only appropriate to incorporate Providence into the name of the church.


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